Raw Plants to Eat

Raw Plants

Now listen up Earthlings.  Many have been seduced into thinking that food made or adulterated by man is real food.  Remember to ceebrate CAPTAIN NUTRITION DAY one day a week eating food from ground, trees, vines only.  Tomatoes, red lettuce (red lettuce is easy to chew), onion, avacodo, asparagus, green, red or yellow pepper, radish, cucumber, cabbage, and ginger.  I also like sardines and chicken.

Learn the simple art of sprouting lentils and mung beans.  So dirt cheap and nutritious.

Strawberry, rasberry, blueberry, grapefruit, banana, lemon, and dates. Not canned or bottled, but fresh or frozen.

Chew well in a relaxed state. On my birth planet, Nutrio, I was conditioned to count one hundred bites each mouthful. You will be ok if you don’t but digestion is improved the more you chew. Human digestion begins in the mouth with saliva.

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