My Mission

I am sent by Planet Nutrio’s Ethical Scientists as a messenger! Some of you are also messengers who I need to meet.  How will YOU help Earth for succeeding generations?

I am sent to encourage you to honor Planet Earth. To recapture the Planet that Creator you call God designed. To enjoy the bounty, benefits and beauty of pure planet Earth.

I shall motivate you to recreate that vision, so you will again have…

  • Clean air with high oxygen.

  • Clean, safe, abundant and widely available water for drinking, fishing, farming and hygiene.

  • Unadulterated, deeply nutritious, and non-genetically modified food from your ground, and hypoponically grown.

  • Food gardens throughout your world; on rooftops, in parks, in and outside of residences and commercial establishments; greenhouses.

  • knowledge and fulfillment of Creator’s ecological design.

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