Biological Health Design

Your Homo Sapien bodies are synergistically attuned to the Earth plants, which were given to you by our common Creator you call God, for your food and medicine. You get the plant oxygen from their emissions into the air and from eating the plants chlorophyll.  Higher oxygen is critically important for you, and raises your immunity to disease.

Higher immunity enables you stay healthy longer.   I want you to be one of those who needs no medical intervention, unless an emergency. It is your responsibility to educate you and your family on what keeps you healthy, and to apply those methods.   “Let your food be your medicine and medicine your food“, was expressed by your father of medicine,  Hippocrates.  Exercise right for you and peaceful thoughts contribute mightily to your health.

It is better to learn and apply how to stay away from cancer and other diseases, out of hospitals and doctors’ offices.


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