Earth=Planet Manna

Light years away, on Planet Nutrio, we Nutrians called Earth “Planet Manna,” defined in your dictionary as …

A. Food miraculously supplied to the Israelites in their journey through the wilderness.

B. Divinely supplied spiritual nourishment.

We named it “Planet Manna,” to indicate its purity, high oxygen content, widespread vegetation and high magnetism.

Before some of your thoughtless scientists and corporations created air breathing machines that consume precious oxygen and also send pollutants into its atmosphere.

Before your thoughtless corporate biologists started to apply unproven and unsafe chemicals to your crops, rather than use Divine Design – used for thousands of years, and which your thoughtful farmers of today use and call organic farming.

Before your mad scientists started to play what you call God, by crossing species – a dangerous, unsafe, unproven process called genetically modified organisms.

Before your inconsiderate industries, ships and people contaminated your bodies of water with mercury, plastics, sewage and other hazardous wastes. The deep seas are the repository of undiscovered plants for foods and medicines.

Before your thoughtless businesses started to nullify the great forests of your world by taking the trees, which supply oxygen, retard soil erosion, are homes for indigenous species of animals and unsophisticated humans, and the repository of undiscovered plants for foods and medicines.  How will you help Earth for succeeding generations?

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