The Pinwheel Galaxy

Seven million light years from Earth is star APPRAISE, whose Planet NUTRIO is nurtured from its good radiation. We creative NUTRIANS are biobreathers of oxygen from air and water.

In Earth year ONE, NUTRIO began its path to destruction when corrupt scientists, government and business started experimenting with life forms beyond hybridization within a species.  Via DNA manipulation, they merged unrelated plant species. The businesses claimed they were preventing hunger on  by increasing crop yields. Their true intent was higher profits from selling patented seeds to NUTRIO’S farmers.

NUTRIO’S global government approved and promoted the corporation’s evil work because government was paid off through election funding. It was widely known, and NUTRIANS were warned, that the greed of the powerful corporations, in league with the Global government, was a dangerous form of money worship with no ethics. The looming disaster would  cause total destruction of the Planet. I was chosen to leave my Planet to save Earth from a similar fate.

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