Why Creator’s Plan Best

Oxygenating and alkalizing foods come from the Earth. They are fruits and vegetables, in raw state. The vegetables which grow above the soil are superior to those that grow below the soil. White potatoes are an example of an inferior vegetable growing below the Earth. If you choose to eat flesh, and I recommend that you do not, it shall be low amounts. All of the non-plant substances that you eat shall be no more than twenty percent of the total. The plants shall be at least eighty percent of the total you eat. Many who honor their Biological Design for Health eat vegetables and fruits as ninety percent and higher of their food intake, with some seeds, nuts and nut butters.

Raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables are designed to digest themselves in your body, because they are endowed with digestive enzymes within them. Cooked foods are actually harder to digest because they cannot digest themselves with their own enzymes. Their enzymes are destroyed in cooking. This taxes your body. However, cooked foods are often easier to chew, but that is not a reason to eat them. This is Creator’s plan and design. Expensive zoo animals are never given packaged or cooked food. Neither should you eat that trash.

When you feel better eating right, your taste buds will slowly change to prefer eating the real foods. However, it will not hurt you, on occasion when in a restaurant, or as a guest, to eat what is served, cooked or not. I deeply enjoy my raw food diet which also includes hemp seeds (only the leaves have mind-altering chemicals), a superior source of protein and essential fatty acids. I have little or no desire for cooked food, but do eat it on occasion when necessary, as a guest, in a restaurant, etc. The cooked foods are devoid of enzymes, alkalinity and oxygen to energize and vitalize me, but on occasion they will suffice.

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